Potty and Toilet Training

When to start potty training

There’s no one set age at which to start potty training. Many children are ready between 18 months and 3 years old – but it’s not set in stone! The process is easier when you time it around your child’s development, along with what else is happening at home:

  • Your child should be physically able to sit on or get off the potty. They’ll also give you lots of other clues that they’re ready to transition from nappies.
  • Many parents find potty training easier in the summer, when there are fewer clothes to take off, and washed clothes dry faster.
  • Potty training needs time, attention and consistency, so try to avoid starting just before disruptive events such as moving home or going on holiday.

You can’t force your child use a potty before they’re ready. Patience is the key: remember that all children want to use a potty eventually. Don’t worry about what other families are doing – stick with what’s right for you and your child.


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