Potty and Toilet Training

7 signs your child is ready to potty-train

All children develop at their own pace and reach different milestones when they’re ready. Looking for signs of readiness is a better guide than age when it comes to starting potty training:

  1. Your child knows when they need a wee, and may tell you in advance
  2. They show they need to wee by fidgeting or going somewhere quiet
  3. They’re able to tell you when they’re wetting their nappy
  4. They know when they have a wet or dirty nappy
  5. Their nappy stays dry for at least an hour between changes
  6. They’re able to sit on a potty and get up from it when they’re finished
  7. They’re able to listen to and follow your instructions.

The first sign above can be the most useful, as it usually means a quick and easy transition to potty use but, as well your child being ready, make sure you’re ready too! Potty training takes a lot of patience – rushing through the process will likely to mean more accidents to clean up.

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