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Coping with feelings of loneliness as a parent

Being a parent is a bit like being a superhero: everyone else think you’re doing a great job – but that can make it harder to admit you’re feeling lonely or isolated. It’s OK to speak up!

Realising you feel lonely or isolated even though you have a family, a new baby or a loving partner can leave you feeling incredibly guilty, selfish or overwhelmed as well – and that’s a lot to cope with.

The truth is, more than half of all parents say they feel lonely at some point. When it comes to how you’re feeling, you are not alone!

Five tips for managing loneliness

  1. Try to talk about how you feel or what you think, and not just about what you’ve done (or that your kids have done!) when you meet-up with others.
  2. Invite other parents for coffee, to the cinema or for a play date instead of waiting to be asked first – you never know when someone else feels just as shy about asking!
  3. If you can’t see friends or family as much as you used to, use letters, cards, emails or phone calls to keep in touch instead.
  4. Plan events in advance so you’ve always got something to look forward to: holidays, birthdays, music events or day trips.
  5. You only have to watch your little ones to see how exciting it is to learn new skills or discover things about the world – make time to teach yourself or experience something new, too!

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