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Understanding the world

You might notice that:

  • I will watch what you do as you play with me using toys (such as cars, animals and people).
  • I will watch you hide a toy under a blanket and then look for it.
  • I can find things after you have dropped them into a bowl or basket.
  • I like banging things (such as bricks) together, or filling up boxes and baskets with things.
  • When you play with me I am finding out that things can be used in different ways: a ball can be rolled or kicked, or a toy car can be pushed.

Development cues:

  • Babies need to develop relationships with grown ups.
  • Babies need to explore lots of different things to find out what they can do with them.

How you can help me learn:

  • Introduce me to people when we are out and about!
  • Play “hide and seek” games where I have to find one of my toys.
  • Give me different objects to explore: pots, pans, spoons or paper.


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