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People around me

You might notice that:

  • I am interested in the grown ups I know, and talk about where they live and what they do.
  • I can remember times that are special to me and talk about them, like the first day I got my scooter.
  • I can talk about people and times that are special to me and my family and friends, like “remember the party when we had fireworks and big bangs?”.
  • I am interested in the different jobs that grown ups do, like fire fighters and doctors.
  • I know that I am special and some things that I do are the same as my friends, and some things are different. I might say things like “I don’t eat meat” or “I go to the same swimming pool as my friends.”

How you can help me learn:

  • Take me out to different places where we live, like the fire station or the library.


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