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Moving and handling things

You might notice that:

  • I move my head or body when I hear noises and see things or people.
  • I can hold my head up.
  • I can move my arms and legs in different ways, such as waving and kicking.
  • I can roll over from my back on to my tummy and from my tummy on to my back.
  • When I am lying on my tummy I can use my arms to help me lift my head and then my chest.
  • I like to look at and play with my hands and feet.
  • I can reach out and touch things that are near to me.
  • I can hold things in my hand that are near to me.
  • I like to explore things by putting them in my mouth.

How you can help me learn:

  • Put me on a soft mat or blanket on my tummy or back and let me kick my legs.
  • Cover my legs with a crinkly blanket or piece of light, soft material so I can kick it off.
  • Put my favourite toys by me so that I can reach out and try to touch or hold them.



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