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Moving and handling things

You might notice that:

  • I can sit up on the floor.
  • When I am sitting, I can lean forward to pick up a small toy with my hand.
  • I hold on to furniture, like a sofa, or a grown up, to help me pull myself up so that I am standing.
  • I can move around the floor by crawling, bottom shuffling or rolling over and over.
  • I can hold onto a grown up or furniture, like a sofa, to help me lift one foot up at a time, step sideways and walk by myself.
  • I can walk when a grown up holds one or both of my hands.
  • I can hold a toy, like a brick, in each hand and bang them together.
  • I can pick up something small, like a brick or raisin, between my thumb and fingers.
  • I can hold a chunky pen or crayon in my whole hand or in a fist grasp and explore the marks I can make.

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me splash my hands and kick my feet in the bath.
  • Give me a doll’s buggy or trundle trike to push.
  • Put my favourite toys on the floor so that I can crawl or bottom shuffle to them. Move them further away so give me a small challenge
  • Let me lift the flaps in a board book and share my excitement in what is behind the flap!
  • Give me dough to squeeze or squash with my hands or poke with my fingers.
  • At feeding, changing or bath times share finger play songs with me like “Round and round the garden”.


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