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Moving and handling things

You might notice that:

  • I like to move in different ways, like running, skipping, hopping, jumping or rolling.
  • I can jump off a step and land on the floor on two feet.
  • When I am playing chasing or racing games I can slow down or change the way I am going to stop myself from bumping into my friends or things.
  • I can move on my feet, back and tummy to get over, under, along or through tunnels, climbing frames and steps.
  • I can push, pat, throw, catch or kick things like a large ball, a balloon or piece of fabric.
  • I can use scissors to cut paper, or use cutters to make shapes from dough.
  • I can use different things like scissors, paintbrushes, pens, hammers or bricks to make the things I want.
  • I choose to use either my left hand or my right hand more to hold things like a pen, pencil, paintbrush or scissors.
  • When I use a pen, pencil or paintbrush I am beginning to be able to make anti-clockwise circles, as well as lines that go up and down or down and up.
  • I write letters that you can begin to recognise. The letters I write are often a mixture of capital and lower case letters.
  • I can hold a pen or pencil and use it to write letters that you can recognise. When I am writing letters I will usually start and finish in the right place.

How you can help me learn:

  • Play games with me like football, basketball or throwing balls into bowls or boxes.
  • Get me to thread plastic bottle tops with holes onto string or shoe laces.


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