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Moving and handling things

You might notice that:

  • I can run without bumping into things or tripping up.
  • I can squat down on my knees to play, and can get up without using my hands.
  • I can climb up a ladder on a small slide or climbing frame, or onto a sofa or armchair.
  • I can kick a large ball.
  • I can turn the pages in a book. Sometimes I might turn over more than one page at a time.
  • I can hold a small jug and pour my own drink.
  • I can hold a chunky crayon, pencil, pen or paint brush and makes lines that go across, up and down, or round and round.
  • When I walk up and down stairs or steps I hold onto the hand rail and move one foot at a time onto the next step until both my feet are on it.

How you can help me learn:

  • Play ball games with me.
  • Give me lots of ribbons that I can wave around me.
  • Let me try and dress my teddy or doll with different types of clothes (coats, jumpers and dresses) and different types of fastenings (buttons, Velcro and zips).


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