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Health and self care

You might notice that:

  • I am beginning to choose to hold objects in one hand more than in the other.
  • I can hold a spoon to pick up my food and put it into my mouth to feed myself.
  • I can drink from a cup without a lid and not spill my drink as I put the cup to my mouth.
  • I can tell you when I need to use the potty or toilet.
  • I know how far I can climb up the stairs, the slide or the climbing frame on my own before I need to ask you for help.
  • I can put on my hat, unzip my coat and take off my unfastened shoes/boots and cardigan/shirt by myself.
  • I am beginning to be able to wash and dry my hands by myself.
  • I am beginning to be able to sit on a potty or toilet by myself.
  • I can use a set of steps to help me reach the sink or toilet by myself.

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me help get lunch ready by cutting soft things like cheese or bananas.


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