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Shapes and measuring

You might notice that:

  • I am beginning to use shape names like “circle”, “square”, “cube” and “cylinder”.
  • When I am playing on an obstacle course I can use words like “under”, “behind”, “on” or “in” to tell you where I am.
  • When you give me two things, I can tell you which one is “heavy” and which one is “light”. I can tell you which thing is “full” and which thing is “empty” when I am filling and emptying bottles.
  • I can use things to make patterns, like buttons and bricks.
  • I am beginning to use words like “money”, “pound” and “pence” when playing shops.
  • I know the order I put my clothes on.

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me sort out the pairs of shoes so that they go from small to big.
  • Let me make patterns with buttons or lids, like “big, small, big”.
  • Let me give you instructions for an obstacle course, like “Go under the blanket”, “Go through the tunnel” and “Go behind the chair”.


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