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You might notice that:

  • I can tell you what the marks, shapes, letters and pictures that I make mean.
  • I know that when I say a word and you write it down, that the letters you use make the word I have said.
  • When you say a word, I can hear and tell you the first sound in the word.
  • I can say each of the sounds in a short word like “dog”. When you say each of the sounds “d-o-g”, I can put the sounds together and tell you the word.
  • I can tell you the names and sounds of each of the letters in the alphabet.
  • I am beginning to use letters in my writing. Sometimes I write the right letter with the sound I make as I say the word.
  • I can write my name.
  • I can write labels for things to sell when I am playing shops.
  • I can write a short caption, like “my big car”, to tell you what I have made with boxes.
  • I try to write short sentences like “I can jump” when I am making a book about me.

How you can help me learn:

  • Make a pretend shop with me and let me write the price lists.
  • Make number plates with me for my cars.
  • Make a photo book of our family, or about the time we went to the park, and let me write my own words in it.

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