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You might notice that:

  • I can use lots of words to tell you about something that I have made or have done.
  • I like you to use new words to talk to me about what I am doing or what I am using. Then I like to try to use these new words as I am playing.
  • I can pretend to be different people or to do different things, like being a nurse and making sick patients better with bandages and care.
  • I can use words like first, next and then when I am telling you a story or telling you about something I have done.
  • When I am dressing up or playing with toy people I like to make up stories using what I know, what I have seen or what I have heard to help me.

How you can help me learn:

  • When we’re sharing a story ask me how I think the story might end.
  • Make up silly rhymes with me where we use words that begin with the same letter or the words all rhyme – like cat, bat and hat.
  • Play ‘I spy’ with me.
  • Use all sorts of different voices – loud, quiet or squeaky – when we’re telling stories.


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