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Reading and writing

You might notice that:

  • I like to share stories with you, and can find my favourite stories for you to read to me.
  • I have favourite rhymes and songs, and join in with the actions and songs.
  • I know that when I move a chunky crayon or pen round, up and down and across, the marks I make on the paper look the same as the way I moved my hand.

Development clues:

  • Toddlers need to hear words and learn to use these.
  • Toddlers need to explore what happens when they use their hands and feet.

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me explore different books – board, paper, small, big.
  • Let me point to things or tell you things as you share my favourite stories with me.
  • Show me that you like books, too.
  • Let me make lots of marks using chunky pencils, crayons or chalks!

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