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You might notice that:

  • I can tell you what rhymes with words like “hat”.
  • When you say a word, I can hear and tell you the first sound in the word.
  • I can say each of the sounds in a short word like “cat”. When you say the sounds, I can put them together and tell you the word. I can write each of the letters I need to make the word.
  • I can read short sentences which are made of up words like “the”, “and”, and words that I can sound out, such as “hat” or “dog”.
  • I use my favourite stories to help me make my own when I’m dressing up or playing with toy people or animals.
  • I like to share different books, comics, stories, rhymes, poems and magazines with you.
  • When I am interested in things, I can look in books or on websites to find out more about them.

How you can help me learn:

  • Remember that I enjoy being read to, or sharing books with you.
  • Let me read to you and ask interesting questions about the story.
  • Make a puppet theatre with me from a cardboard box, and puppets cut out of comics or pictures from websites, to help me make up new stories.
  • Make and play games with me that use letters or words.
  • Play games where you give me an instruction like “Can you j-um-p?” or “Can you h-o-p?” and I have to put the sounds of the word together and show you the action.
  • I have favourite books – ask me about them!

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