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Using art and imagination

You might notice that:

  • I will jump, bounce or swing my arms when I hear music or songs that I like.
  • I will join in with the words and actions I know when you sing my favourite songs.
  • I can use chunky pens or crayons to make lines that go up and down and round and round.
  • I am starting to make different sounds when I make music from everyday things like spoons, pots or plastic bowls – I might play fast, quietly or loudly.
  • I can use my hands to make marks in paint or mud, and might make sounds at the same time, like “weeee!”
  • I can pretend that a toy or thing is something else, such as pretending that my teddy is a baby.

Development clues:

  • Toddlers need to explore lots of different things to find out what they can do with them.

How you can help me learn:

  • Give me a big piece of paper or shower curtain on the floor to see what marks I can make with a paint brush, my hands or my feet.
  • Give me ribbons or scarves to hold as I dance to music.
  • Give me an old telephone so that I can pretend to phone you.
  • Give me a bowl of soapy water so that I can wash my baby doll.


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