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Exploring art

You might notice that:

  • I have favourite songs and dances, and can tell you which one I want when you ask me.
  • I can tap, shake, scrape and hit musical instruments to find out the different sounds I can make.
  • I can mix my own paint using powder or ready mixed paints.
  • I can choose the paper, material or ribbon that I want to use to make a picture.
  • I like to use lots of different things like paint, paper, wool and material to make a picture.
  • I can cut, stick and fold the things I want to use in my picture.
  • I can use building toys (such as bricks) or boxes to make the thing I want to make.
  • I can use scissors, masking tape, sticky tape, hole punches and string to join and fix things together.
  • I can choose the things I want to use to make something. If my ideas don’t work I can choose something else or change the way I do something.

How you can help me learn:

  • Pretend stories with me like “Going on a Bear Hunt” or “Walking Through the Jungle”.
  • Sing and dance with me to my favourite songs!
  • Give me string, scissors, sticky tape, glue and boxes to make a model of a castle, a car or other objects that I like.


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