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Being imaginative

You might notice that:

  • I can dress up or use toys to pretend to be other people, or to go to places or things that have happened – like a party or a wedding.
  • I can use my arms, legs and body to move in different ways and pretend to be something else, like a monster or a bear.
  • I can choose the colour of paint, paper or material that I want to use to make something in my picture, like a piece of green paper for the grass.
  • When I am dressing up or using toy people I can tell you a story about what is happening as I am playing.
  • I can play next to my friends who are dressing up like me, or are using toy people or cars like I am.
  • I can dress up and play a story with my friends.

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me tell you a story about what I’m doing when I’m dressing up and pretending to be a pirate or a doctor.


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