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Being imaginative

You might notice that:

  • I am beginning to like some things more than others. Sometimes I might like painting and drawing more than dancing or singing.
  • I move around in different ways when I’m happy or excited, and sometimes I dance and jump up and down when I hear music.
  • I sing to myself and change the words of songs I know. I know how to make up my own songs and rhythms as well.
  • I notice the things that you do, like cooking and cleaning, and I pretend I’m doing them too.
  • When something special has happened to me, I pretend play it happening – like feeding the new baby or having my first swimming lesson.
  • When I’m playing with my toys I make up stories like superheroes rescuing people from a building, or animals eating grass.
  • I pretend ordinary things are something else, like a spoon is a fire hose and my bricks are fish fingers and chips!
  • When we have done something exciting I like to draw or paint a picture or make up a dance or song/rhyme about it.

How you can help me learn:

  • Help me to use my toys to make up a story.
  • Give me pieces of material to make a cape, or a big cardboard box to make a spaceship when I’m pretending to be somebody else or going on an adventure.


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