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You might notice that:

  • When you ask me questions like “What do we need to cut the bread?” I know it’s a knife.
  • When we are playing and you ask me to “Put teddy under the blanket” or “Put the car on top of the garage” I know what you mean and I can do it by myself.
  • I can help you when you ask me to put something away or get something – like “Put your shoes in the basket, please.”
  • I am beginning to understand when you ask me questions like “How can we mop up the juice?” and “Why do you want to wear your boots today?

How you can help me learn:

  • When I’m helping you to make the lunch, ask me questions like “What do I need to cut the apple?” or “What do I need to pour your milk / water into?” so that I can find you the thing we need.
  • When we’re tidying up give me simple instructions like “Put your shoes in the basket” or “Put the remote control on the sofa.”


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