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Speaking and understanding

You might notice that:

  • I will watch as you point to things or hold them out to me.
  • When a grown up that I know asks me “Where’s mummy?” or “Where’s your nose?” I can point to or find the thing.
  • I am beginning to understand and use single words that are important to me – for example, I can point to or find “cup” or “teddy”, or say “daddy”.
  • I can make sounds that match what I am playing with, like “brmmm” for a car.
  • I will copy new sounds and words that I hear you using as you play with me.
  • I like to use new words, like “more” to tell you that I want “more milk”.
  • I will look at things to let you know what I want.
  • I will make up and use my own words, such as “baba” for baby.

How you can help me learn:

  • Hold my hands to help me make the actions as you sing songs.
  • Tell me the names of things as I pick them up to explore.


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