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Listening and understanding

You might notice that:

  • I enjoy hearing stories where you make different noises or use different voices as you read to me.
  • I can recognise and respond to sounds by finding or going to the thing or place making the noise.
  • I join in with singing songs and rhymes.
  • I stop what I am doing, look at you and listen to you when you say my name.
  • When you ask questions like “Who’s jumping?” or “Who’s sleeping?” I can point to the right picture to show you that I understand action or ‘doing’ words.
  • I understand longer instructions or questions such as “Put the bricks away and then we’ll read a book”.
  • I can show you that I understand when you use short questions such as “Who is that?”, “What is that?” or “Where is …?” as we look at pictures in a book or play with toys.
  • I can point to the right picture or object to show that I understand describing words such as “big” or “small”.

How you can help me learn:

  • Use sock puppets or toy people or animals when you’re sharing my favourite stories or songs with me.
  • When we’re making a sandwich together tell me what you are doing so I know what to do too.


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