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Listening and understanding

You might notice that:

  • When you read me a story, I like to join in with the sounds that different characters and things make.
  • When you sing rhymes I join in with the actions and sounds that different characters and things make.
  • When I play with my favourite toys I am enjoying myself so much I don’t always hear you when you talk to me!
  • I can tell you the names of toys or things that I want.
  • If you tell me to find a toy or object in a basket or box, I can find the right thing.
  • I can understand what to do when you tell me do one thing, such as “throw the ball” or “put the baby in the bed”.

How you can help me learn:

  • Talk to me about the sounds we can hear when we go to the shops or the park.
  • Make the sounds of animals and things when you’re sharing a book with me.
  • Play games with me where I have to follow instructions like “roll the ball” or “throw the ball”.
  • Let me help unpack the shopping by making a game of it, such as “find the apples” or “find the crackers”.


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