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Listening and attention

You might notice that:

  • When I hear sounds I know, I move my head or body to find them.
  • I listen to different sounds grown ups make with their voices. I move my arms, legs or body, or make noises, when I hear them.
  • I will show you that I like you talking to me by smiling at you, looking at you or moving my arms, legs or body.
  • Sometimes when you talk to me I will become quieter, or make noises and move my arms, legs or body.
  • I look at you when you talk to me, but I will turn my head or body when you stop.
  • I like listening to the sounds that things I know or grown ups make.
  • I listen when you sing songs and rhymes as you tickle my tummy or play with my fingers and toes.
  • When I hear a new voice or sound I stop what I am doing and listen to it.

How you can help me learn:

  • Play peek-a-boo games with me. Use your hands or a scarf to hide your face.
  • Sing a song or rhyme as you rock or hug me.


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