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Listening and attention

You might notice that:

  • When I like what they are talking about, I listen to my friends.
  • I listen to the stories you tell me and I talk about them later.
  • When you read me stories, I join in with my favourite bits, like “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?” when we are reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • I can join in with my favourite rhymes and stories with you and guess what will happen next.
  • I stop what I am doing and listen when I hear you talk to me, or I hear the door bell ring.
  • When you ask me to do something like “Come and put your coat on”, I will do it if I am not really busy playing.

How you can help me learn:

  • Play listening games with me like “Simon Says…” where I have to copy an action, or “Ready, Steady, Go”, where I have to wait to push the ball or car.
  • Make up silly sentences with me where each word begins with the same sound as at the start of my name.


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