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Feeding and nutrition

Common weaning worries


Although a frightening worry, choking is relatively rare. Babies use their gag reflex to bring food back into position so they can chew on it – so you’ll see your little one do this a lot while trying new foods. It’s that gag reflex that also prevents choking in the first place. Always stay with your baby during mealtimes and, as back-up, get familiar with the NHS guidelines on how to help a choking child.


When starting to wean a baby, constipation is fairly common. Giving enough water with meals, and including vegetables and fruits, can help prevent it. Lightly massaging baby’s tummy (or cycling their legs) can help relieve pain if they’re already constipated. Ask your GP for individual advice about treating constipation if you need to.


When introducing foods which could cause an allergic reaction, it’s a good idea to introduce them one at a time and in very small amounts. That way, you can notice any adverse reaction – and know what is likely to have caused it. Read more about food allergies in babies.


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