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Feeding and nutrition

What’s the best way to cope with fussy eaters?

Some children will eat everything put in front of them, while others need to be convinced.

3 tips for coping with fussy eaters

1. Focus on what they are eating

Children respond well when you give them praise – so give them lots of it when they do eat, even if it’s just a few mouthfuls.

2. Limit portion sizes

It’s easy to forget that a child’s stomach is tiny: it’s only the size of their fist! Remember that they don’t need to chomp through huge portions to be satisfied.

3. Offer a limited choice

Fussy eaters can easily be overwhelmed by too many options – so limit choices to just two things:

  • “Would you like a big spoon of beans or a little spoon of beans?”
  • “Do you want to eat your peas first, or your potatoes first?”.

Keep the options clear and make it easy to decide.

Bonus tip: Little people like to use little tools. Whip out the small forks and spoons for their smaller hands and appetites!

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