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Feeding and nutrition

How much salt should my child eat?

Babies and children (and grown-ups!) only need a small amount of salt in their diet. Because there’s already so much salt in the foods we buy (including bread and even biscuits) – it’s easy to have too much.

We use the NHS guidelines on how much salt we should eat:

Age of child:Maximum amount of salt:Amount of sodium:
Up to 12 monthsLess than 1g of salt a dayLess than 0.4g sodium
1 to 3 years2g of salt a day0.8g sodium
4 to 6 years3g of salt a day1.2g sodium
7 to 10 years5g of salt a day2g sodium
11 years and over6g of salt a day2.4g sodium

Change4Life  also has tips on how to swap salty snacks for healthier options:



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