Feeding and nutrition

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Feeding and nutrition

Helping your child to eat a variety of food

Here’s some top tips below from the British Nutrition Foundation:

1. Try a new food more than once

Don’t give up if your child refuses a new food the first time. Repeated exposure makes the food seem more familiar, and will encourage your child to handle or try it another time.

2. Relax and praise

Try to offer new food in a relaxed way – and remember to give lots of praise when your child tries it.

Avoid pressuring your child into eating a certain food – this can build negative associations which may make them want to avoid it in future.

3. Try not to bribe!

Offering pudding or treats in exchange for eating broccoli may get the job done but, again, can create negative associations with foods they’re not keen on.

4. Create a healthy home

  • Make it easy: if your home is full of healthy foods, your family will eat healthily.
  • Stock up on the four main food groups (carbohydrates, protein, dairy, and fruit & veg), and avoid foods high in fat, salt and sugars.
  • Your child will learn from your behaviour – so set a good example. You may find your own eating habits or energy levels improve, too: bonus!


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