Go on a nature trail

Why not head out into the wild and go for a walk to see what you can find? You don’t need to go far – the garden, woods or local park are perfect.

What to do:

  • With your little one, create a scavenger hunt or “I Spy” list with things you might find. You could include a rock, a daisy, something naturally round, the biggest leaf, a squirrel or a bird. Then, go outside and see how many you can tick off!
  • Keep an eye out for any unique-looking trees. Do any of them have hollows in the trunk or roots that look like a face? Is there a tree that stands out from the rest because it’s so much bigger? Can you and your little one touch hands when you wrap your arms around the trunk?
  • Take bark rubbings by holding a piece of paper against a tree trunk and rubbing a wax crayon on the paper to take the pattern of the bark.
  • Collect things your child is interested in and (as long as it’s safe!) take them home  – you can create a collage together with your bark rubbings and drawings of any animals you caught sight of.
  • Make “nature’s paintbrushes”: carefully snip of some leafy bits off a plant or collect any feathers you find on your trail. Tie them to a twig with an elastic band and use this to do some painting. Your little one can experiment with the different textures of a mix of plants and leaves.


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